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Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Extension Division
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Shri. Radha Mohan Singh Hon'ble Union Minister for Agriculture 23782691, 23383370 minister-agri[at]nic[dot]in
Shri. Sanjay Agarwal Secretary 23382651,23388444,23386004(Fax) secy-agri[at]nic[dot]in
Shri Jalaj Shrivastava Additional Secretary 23382219,23388656 sjalaj[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in
Shri.Atish Chandra Joint Secretary (Ext.) 23384280,23386849 catish[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in
Shri. Arun Kumar Director (Ext.) 23386681,23382336 arunkumar[dot]72[at]gov[dot]in
Dr. Y.R. Meena Additional Commissioner 23382758 yadram[dot]meena[at]gov[dot]in
Dr. K.P. Wasnik Additional Commissioner 23381557 krupakar[dot]wasnik[at]nic[dot]in
Shri M.L. Atal Under Secretary 23387962 madanlal.atal[at]gov[dot]in
Ms. D. Ponni Section Officer (Extn) 23388769 ponni[dot]d[at]nic[dot]in

Directorate of Extension, Krishi Vistar Bhawan
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Smt. N. Suneja Director (Administration) 25848588
Shri Y.P. Bhatt Deputy Director (Administration) 25846467 bhatt[dot]yogender[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Manish Bhatia Deputy Director (A/c) 25841727 manish[dot]bhatia[at]gov[dot]in
Smt. Sadhana Pathak AAO(General Section) 25848406 aaogen[at]gmail[dot]com,pathaks[dot]pune[at]gmail[dot]com
Shri Hans Raj  AAO (Budget) 25849507 hanshraj[dadh]dagar[at]yahoo[dot]com
Shri Y. Satyanarayana AOO(ESTT) 25847717 ys[dot]narayana[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Savinder Kumar AL&IO/DDO 25849507 kumar[dot]savindra22[at]gov[dot]in

Technical Coordination Cell
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Dr. R.G. Hatwar Joint Director 25849359 hatwar[dot]rajan[at]gov[dot]in

Extension Management Unit
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Dr. Shailesh Kumar Mishra Director 25843787 shaileshk[dot]mishra29[at]gov[dot]in
Dr. R.G. Hatwar Joint Director 25849359 hatwar[dot]rajan[at]gov[dot]in
Shri. Sajith Kumar Kunhalath Joint Director 25848949
Shri. Ajit Pal Joint Director 25842142,9836139503
Shri. Subhajith S.S Asstt. Extension Officer  25842039 subhajith[dot]ss[at]gov[dot]in
Shri B.S.Rawat Office Superindent  25842039 bikram[dot]rawat27[at]gov[dot]in

Farm Information Unit
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Dr. Shailesh Kumar Mishra Director 25849881 shaileshk[dot]mishra29[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Ranvir Singh Joint Director 25846612,9650982105 ranvirsingh[at]yahoo[dot].com
Shri Sanjay Banerjee Photo Officer , I/C FI Admn 25843409 sanjay[dot]banerjee21[at]gov[dot]in
Shri. R.S. Rizvi Chief Artist/ Press I/C 25846613 rizvirais[at]yahoo[dot]com
Dr. Prem Kishor Assistant Extension Officer 25846613,9451149582 premsoil123[at]gmail[dot]com

Extension Training Unit
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Dr. P.S. Amorikar Director 25843404 p[dot]armorikar[at]nic[dot]in
Shri S.M. Khalikar Joint Director 25842142,9420417470 sanjaykhalikar[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Ramesh Chand Joint Director 25843787 rc[dot]sagwal[at]gov[dot]in
Shri. Arun Kumar Extension Officer  25848949 arun[dot]kumar60[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Om Prakash Office Superindent 25847717 om[dot]prakash11[at]gov[dot]in

Extension Reforms Cell
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Shri Balram Singh Joint Director(Extension Reforms) 23381764 singh[dot]balram[at]nic[dot]in
Dr. J.P. Yadav Extension Officer 25848861 jppacheriya[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Basanta Kumar Das Consultant 25848949 basanta.das[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Mass Media Cell
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Shri Sudhir Kumar Joint Director 25842142 sudhir[dot]k24[at]gov[dot]in
Dr. Punam Tiwari Sharma Regional Home Economist 25846613 tiwari[dot]punam42[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Sanjay Banarjee Photo Officer 25843409 sanjay[dot]banerjee21[at]gov[dot]in
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Joshi Assistant Editor 23388861 sk[dot]joshi88[at]gov[dot]in

National Gender Resource Centre in Agriculture (NGRCA)
Name Designation Telephone Number Email
Smt. Neeraj Suneja Head, NGRCA 25848588
Shri. Diganta Thapa Joint Director 25847717,8638535380
Shri Jasbir Singh Regional Home Economist 25846613 jasbirsingh[dot]dac[at]gov[dot]in

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