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The Directorate of Extension was set up in 1958 in the wake of launching of Community Development Programmes and National Extension Service throughout the country in 1953.

Presently, apart from functions of transfer of technology and dissemination of knowledge and information to the farming community; overseeing and supporting the countrywide extension training infrastructure including training and capacity building of Senior and Middle level extension functionaries in the country, DOE is mandated to and promote Reforms in Agricultural Extension Sector by assisting and encouraging the State Departments of Agriculture in organizing, maintaining and operating professional extension services in the country.

The Directorate of Extension/ Extension Division is the nodal agency in the Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, for Agricultural Extensions Policies, Programmes, Schemes and Services. While major policy guidelines on extension matters are laid down by the Extension Division, the Directorate of Extension, a subordinate office under DAC& FW, MoA& FW provides requisite technical and managerial support in ensuring effective implementation of all Extension initiatives across all States/UTs of the Country through its following functional areas - each governed by a separate Unit/Cell:

The Administrative Support is provided by the Administration Unit headed by Director (Administration) who is the HOD as per DFPR.

Agricultural Extension promotes agricultural development by providing the farmers and the extension functionaries with information, training and other extension support on continuous basis regarding new/improved production technologies. Major policy guidelines on extension matters are laid down by the Extension Division and specific programmes and activities are executed and got implemented by the Directorate of Extension, a nodal agency at the national level.

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