• Technical Coordination Cell (TCC)

  •     • Mandate of Technical Coordination Cell (TCC):

      > Coordination of Technical activities of all the units of Directorate of Extension.

      > Coordination of activities of Directorate of Extension with other Divisions of the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare / other Department of Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare / other Ministries and Departments.

      > Preparation of Annual Report, Annual Plan, Outcome Budget, Demand for Grants (Annually) by collecting material from individual units and compilation.

      > Preparation of Material in respect of Parliament Standing Committee and National Farmers Policy.

      > Preparation of RFD in respect of DoE and DA&FW.

      > Preparation of report on State of Indian Agriculture.

      > Furnishing reply of VIP/PMO references, President Office reference and Grievance petitions received from petitioners from time to time.

      > Making reply of all Parliament Questions received from various Ministries and all Divisions of Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.

      > Forwarding material in respect of areas of cooperation between India and other countries to IC & TC Division of Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.

      > Forwarding financial and physical progress of all Schemes of DoE for use of Hon'ble Minister and MPs/Secretary (A&FW) during their visit to other States.

      > Report on monthly DO letters to Cabinet Secretary on the monthly activities of DoE.

      > Processing of all miscellaneous letters received from Ministries and Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare by forwarding to concerned units or furnishing reports.

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